Unit 303 Task B

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Task B Report

Read the scenario provided below in order to complete Task B. Alternatively, you can complete Task B based upon a business of your choice.


Kevin Cee has an online sports shop. He sells a variety of sports equipment, but has a particular interest in tennis rackets as he has found a great supplier who gives him high quality tennis rackets at low prices. He can be found on search engines when people search for racket model numbers but his website doesn’t generally seem to be optimised. He offers a highly personalised service by email and communicates directly with all his customers to make sure that they are happy with the service offered. He frequently gives special discounts to customers, eg offering three rackets for the price of two. His main customer base is the UK and he has a high level of repeat customers as they are so satisfied with the service offered. However, his repeat customers do not return to purchase often as generally people only need to buy equipment each year. Most of his business is with tennis players and he is keen to expand his customer base. He would like to communicate with tennis clubs – both junior and senior. He has many competitors – as there are a large number of sports shops – online and in shops, but he competes on personal service and price. He has been told that he ought to use Social Networking to improve his brand awareness, make people aware of his latest offers and inform people about the questions they should ask when buying tennis rackets, such as different string weights, tensions etc. He has also been told that Social Networking would be a good way of increasing sales in other areas of the business.

Write a report to include the following:

identify three audience groups (3 marks)

  • Tennis players
  • tennis clubs
  • Tennis fans

suggest two social networking tools that the business should use (2 marks)

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

give one reason for choosing each social networking tool. (2 marks)

  • Facebook allows you to send ads to different target audiences.
  • Twitter is cost effective as its free to have a twitter account.Twitter is also a great way of reaching out

In order to continue you need to use a social networking tool of your choice, which you are willing to share screen prints with the assessor. This may necessitate creating a new email account.

Identify three social media management tools. (3 marks)

  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • Sprout Social

Select one of the social networking measurement and monitoring tools from above that can manage scheduling of content.
Register with the tool chosen.

Group two audiences for the business and provide one screen print showing the grouping. (2 marks)

Produce and schedule three pieces of your content relevant to the business. Provide one screen print. (3 marks)

Find three pieces of content relevant to the business, but produced by somebody not linked to the business. Share the content. Provide up to three screen prints. (3 marks)

Carry out a risk analysis showing five components in relation to the business. (5 marks)

Create a digital crisis management plan with three components in relation to social networking for a business. (3 marks)
(Total 24 marks)

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