Unit 303 Task A

1 Define the meaning of the term social networking.     (2 marks)

This is the term used to describe online interaction with others through a website.


2 a) Identify one example of social networking tools for each of the following geographical locations:  (3 marks)


Brazil – Within Brazil the most popular social media tool used is Facebook, however Orkut was once  a popular social media platform used by many people in Brazil and India


Russia – VKontakte is a social media platform that is popular in Russia.The social media  tool is available in several languages however it is most popular with Russian speaking users.


China – In China they use a social media platform WeChat which is very similar to Whatsapp. This social tool allows users to play games, shop online and also offers financial services.


2 b) Identify four examples of social networking tools overall for Europe and USA.     (4 marks)

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Instagram

3 For two of the tools identified in question 2 a) or 2 b):


a) Compare them by giving two similarities of their features/ functions.     (2 marks)

  • Facebook and Instagram are two different social media tools. However, they do have similarities when it comes to their features. For example, They both allow users to upload posts with both image and video.
  • Users can also comment, share and like posts and can message other users.


b) Contrast them by giving two differences of their features/ functions.     (2 marks)

  • Instagram and Facebook are different however because Facebook allows users to call and video call where as Instagram doesn’t have this feature.
  • Facebook is also different to Instagram in how you  add other users. With Instagram you follow the other user and they can follow you back if they chose to, where as with Facebook you send a friend request and if they accept then you are on their friends list as well as them being on yours, and you will be able to see all their posts and they can see yours.

4 Describe four limitations for each of two of the tools identified in question 2 a) or 2 b).      (2 marks)



  • Instagram can be limited in terms of what you can upload to it. For example, the duration of videos you can upload are limited.
  • From a marketing point of view Instagram could limit you in terms of the amount of customers you can reach out to as not everyone will have an Instagram account and users tend to be younger.
  • Reaching out to local marketers  is more difficult with Instagram.
  • Instagram is only available on apple and android  meaning the target audience will be limited to only people who have apple or android devices.


  • As do most social media platforms Facebook crops your pictures to fit within the dimensions set by default.
  • Facebook has a lot of users meaning that posts can get shared and spread to many users quickly. This could result in a bad reputation being spread about a company.
  • It is hard to stand out on Facebook as there are lots of users meaning that there is lots of competition.
  • Using Facebook for marketing purposes can be very time consuming as you have to produce lots of ads regularly and spend time replying to comments and queries.


5 Explain four reasons for grouping people you are listening to when using social networking tools.     (4 marks)

  • To make sure that you are able to target the right audiences when putting out ads
  • influencing  your audience is important so that you can persuade customers that they should purchase from or use your business
  • listening is key to finding out what works and doesn’t and therefore key to success.
  • apllification can occur on social media where one person shares your posts and then that person shares it and so on.. certain groups of people might have similar interests therefore it is useful to monitor them as a group so the right people are seeing your posts.
  • brand ambasadors


6 Explain why it is important to evaluate the need for brand ambassadors when using social networking for a business.     (1 mark)

Brand ambassadors are very important to a business and should be thought about carefully before taking on. One thing that needs to be considered is the cost as brand ambassadors are expensive to  take on board, therefore it is important to determine weather they are going to benefit your business in terms of online presence on social media. I.e. do they have a good following?


7 Explain two characteristics of online behaviour which helps to recognise each of the following:


brand ambassadors     (2 marks)

  • There will be a contract put in place so they wont be able to say anything negative about the business to the public.
  • They are less likely to talk about the business directly within their own social media, but will promote the business by showing the brands Logo and wearing/using the product or services on social media.


influencers.     (2 marks)

  • They are more likely to be honest as there is no contract in place,  so there is a risk they could talk about your business in a negative way online.
  • They won’t be contracted or have to stay with a business for a long period of time and may only do short campaigns. They will normally be given free products or services.


8 Explain two ways to ensure the validity/credibility of each of the following:


brand ambassadors     (2 marks)

  • Do they have a good online profile with a good following?
  • Do they have a suitable following for your business?


influencers.     (2 marks)

  • Monitoring the social influencers social media activity for a certain period of time to see what kinda conversations they engage in and how much engagement their posts get.
  • They should have good knowledge in the area your business is in and has been giving correct information about the industry in their social media activity.
  • See if they are in many twitter listing as this would help find out how useful and trustworthy they are.


9 Explain three ways of managing each of the following:


brand ambassadors     (3 marks)

  • One way of managing a brand ambassador would be to invite them to do all their promotion and publicity  within the company’s office as this would avoid them promoting other brands.
  • One other way of managing brand ambassadors would be to get them to record a pre-recorded message following a script provided. This will help reduce the risk of the brand being impacted in a negative way as changes can be made before releasing the footage to the public.
  • Manage expectations and develop a certain level of trust with the ambassadors making sure that the message you want to get out is understood by them so they can get it across to their audience.


influencers     (3 marks)

  • Company’s may offer influencers gifts such as free products, or use of services, in effort to get positive reviews on social media.
  • Engage and interact with them on social media so that their followers can see.
  • Arrange a chat with them and see if an arrangement can be made where the influencer follows rough guidelines when talking about the brand online.


10 Briefly explain why it is important to evaluate the need for influencers when using social networking for a business.     (1 mark)

Having influencers speak out about your business online can be very beneficial, as it can help promote the business and help the brands reputation and online presence. However having influencers that speak negatively about the business online could have a negative impact on the business and brand.


11 Define the meaning of the term social media management tool.     (1 mark)

Online tools which help to manage different social activity on multiple social media accounts, and with some a number of different social media platforms.


12 Explain eight reasons why it is important to use social media management tools in relation to social networking.     (8 marks)

  • Social media management tools allow you to schedule posts meaning that you can schedule all your posts for the month in advance which means you can make sure you are posting to your social media regularly or whenever you want to without having to remember to go and post everyday.
  • Helps manage social interactions online including individual messages across multiple online social platforms.
  •  Social media management tools can help to better monitor social activity, meaning that the business doesn’t miss when someone mentions their brand on social media.
  • They can help to manage marketing campaigns.
  • They allow you to find out what is working for you in terms of social marketing campaigns by with some putting your results into a chart or graph so you can clearly see what works and what doesn’t.
  • Some social media tools have features that allow you to search and add images to your content quickly and easily
  • As social media management tools allow you to post quickly and easily, there is more time for a company to interact with their audience such as replying to comments and messages.
  • Helps manage the variety of content that goes out onto your social media.

13 Explain three disadvantages of using social media management tools.     (3 marks)

  • As social media management tools allow you to create and schedule multiple posts quickly and easily  company’s might be tempted to spam social accounts which could result in getting a bad reputation and reception online.
  • Some social media management tools will only let you post to and manage a certain amount of social platforms, meaning that you would have to have and additional tool if you wanted to have more than one.
  • Social media management tools come with an expense, and using free versions may limit the amount of features that you are able to use.

14 Explain three benefits of using short-URLs within content.     (3 marks)

  • Social platforms will have character limits so the shorter the URL the more room there is for other important content.
  • Makes the site name more memorable.
  • Looks more professional and tidier than having a long URL.

15 Explain two features of:


risk analysis     (2 marks)


not carrying

risk in not enovolving in socaial media


digital crisis management.     (2 marks)



traing staff

pro active management

creating crisis management


16 Explain why it is important to monitor risk.      (1 mark)

Monitoring risk is very important as if a business takes a risk it could have a negative impact on the business. For example, taking on a ambassador who talks about the business in a negative way on social media.


17 Define the term ‘social networking measurement and monitoring’.     (1 mark)

The process of measuring the success of social media marketing efforts by monitoring online activity on social media.

18 Explain five uses of a social networking measurement and monitoring tool.     (5 marks)

  • Manage posts on social media
  • help to target different groups
  • Help notify you when someone mentions you or  a keyword on social media
  • Shows you results in graphs and charts to help you find out what is working well and not so well.
  • Helps to compare social platforms to see which platforms are working best with your business so you know which platform to invest in.

19 Explain four limitations of social networking measurement and monitoring tools.      (4 marks)

  • Some social networking monitoring tools are inaccurate in their analysis of data.
  • Not many comments are related to the brand on social media
  • Its hard to compare campaigns with social media changing all the time in terms of how many active users there are and other statistics.
  •  spam filtering within most tools is limited.

(Total 65 marks)

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