Unit 302 Task B

Task B Report

Read the scenario provided below in order to complete Task B. Alternatively, you can complete Task B based upon a business of your choice.


Jane has just started a business as a personal fitness trainer in Swindon, Wiltshire. She offers one to one instruction to people with a busy lifestyle who want to improve their fitness and / or lose weight. Jane’s customers are generally people aged over 30. Jane is also a qualified nutritionist and believes in the power of nutrition and fitness to provide mental and physical health. Jane wants to promote her business through a website and needs advice on the keywords or keyword phrases that should use on her website.

Write a report based on your chosen business. 


The report must include the following:

a list of five keywords and/or keyword phrases for the chosen business (5 marks)

  • Personal fitness trainer
  • lose weight
  • Swindon/Wiltshire
  • mental and physical health
  • qualified nutritionist


identify the monthly search volumes and competition ranking for the chosen keywords and/ or keyword phrases. Take a screen print of the results and include it in the report (1 mark)




for one of the keywords and/or keyword phrases identified, use three search engines to identify the top three websites in organic search results. Take screen prints of the results and include them in the report. Indicate which results are organic results (3 marks)


Google Search – The search results are all organic



Bing Search – The results on the left of the page are all organic results however the site on the right is a paid ad.




Yahoo – The results at the very top and to to the right of the page are all ads.The organic results are the three at the bottom under the faint line.




choose three websites from one of the search results. For each of the websites identify three ways in which the keyword and/or keyword phrase is implemented ((9 marks)


The phrase mental and physical health is used multiple times throughout the site such as:

  •  Within the heading/ title of the page which will help search engines find the website through linking to this page when people search for mental and physical health.
  • Within the description of the page, which you get a snip it of in the search results, helping  search engines to find the site.
  • Within the URL under the title.













  • The key phrase has been implemented into the image description of the main image on the page.
  • within the blog area of the site you can find blog posts through tags and one of the tags is “Mental health research”
  • “Mental Health” is the first heading when going onto the site which will help with SEO .




  • The keywords are used in the bold paragraph which suggests that the paragraph is key and will stand out to search engines.
  • “Physical Health” is within the title question of the page which search engines will be able to link to searches.
  • The key word/phrase is also utilised  in the side headers and then in the URL.


review the keywords chosen and suggest one way of using the keywords better (1 mark)

I think that the services she offers should be mentioned more to make it clear to the viewer the unique selling point of the business and use keywords that relate to the USP such as the fact that she is a qualified nutritionist, that she has experience and her location for local search results.  One way that the keywords could be used better would be to search for each keyword/phrase individually on multiple search engines and see which key word gave the most relevant results. You could also look at the keywords that are included in competitor sites.

create a link building plan for the website of the chosen business. Include three ways of creating links and timescale for action (3 marks)

  • Creating some social media profiles will help increase the number of people visiting the site through sharing and linking back to the website via the social media platform. The business should be active at least every other day and stay consistent in order to build and be successful.
  • Reaching out to other relevant companies and asking if they can include a link to you on their site. set up alerts to send an email everyday telling you who has mentioned a chosen keyword/phrase and then reach out to them whenever there is relevant content.
  • linking to other relevant and trustworthy sites. regularly check search results when searching for related keywords/phrases to see top websites that could be linked to.

explain three ways in which the selected keywords and/or keyword phrases can be used to listen and engage with an audience on Social Media (3 marks)

  • On social media platforms such as Instagram  you are able to search for users and posts through hashtags. You can then engage with users who have used the same hashtag.
  • Using keywords and keyword phrases within discussions on posts and blogs through social media and encouraging comments.
  •  You are able to set up alerts on social media which will notify a user when another user has mentioned them or included a chosen keyword/phrase  in a post or comment. This could be used by a company to help a business identify their target audience so they can engage with them.

You should also select a non-mobile website of your choice to review. The website must be agreed with the assessor. Include the website address in the report. You should also identify three changes that are required to make the chosen website optimised for mobile device platforms. (3 marks)


The website that I have chosen to review is home bargains.  Their site is not mobile friendly as it is difficult to use on a mobile device because of the following reasons:

  • When entering the site via a mobile device the layout does not adjust accordingly leaving the site cramped in a small screen display. A responsive layout.
  • The font size does not differentiate  between users browsing on a mobile device and users browsing through a PC. This needs to be changed so that the text will be either larger or smaller in order to be suitable for someone browsing on mobile device.
  • The navigation on the site is awkward to use as everything is cramped and the linked menus you have to click on are small which would make clicking on them difficult on a touch screen phone. A solution to this would be to have a hamburger menu layout as this would make navigation easier.















(Total 28 marks)

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