Unit 308 Task A

1 Define the term ‘digital voucher’. (1 mark)

Usually in the form of a code, a digital voucher is something that you can use to get a deal, discount or offer on the payment of something online.


2 Explain two potential uses of digital vouchers. (2 marks)

  • One use could be for the digital voucher to be a reward as part of a rewards scheme.
  • A digital voucher could also be used to promote and improve sales within a business.


3 a) Define the term ‘promotional campaigns’ on social networking sites. (1 mark)

This is a series of posts and uploads via social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) that use marketing tools, with high marketing efforts and have the intention of promoting products and services.


3 b) Briefly compare discount coupons/ special offer codes with competitions on social networking sites. (2 marks)

competitions on social networking sites can encourage engagement via likes, comments and shares. Competitions can also get potential customers on board by linking to the site and advertising other products to people engaging in the competition. Discount coupons/special offer codes would be created with the intention of increasing sales and keeping existing customers involved.


4 Explain seven factors to consider when creating adverts for Social Networking sites.  (7 marks)

  • Making sure that the target audience is being taken into mind.
  • The social media platform that is going to be used (Facebook, twitter, Instagram)
  • consistency within structure of advert through social media platforms
  • Logo and other branding needs to stay the same throughout all posts.
  •  keywords and phrases should be used so that the post is better optimised for SEO.
  •  Manner that the message in the advert is written (kind manner).
  • screen display design for different platforms.(mobile view)


5 Giving five reasons, justify why you would use Social Networking site advertising campaigns. (5 marks)

  • Using social media to advertise is effective as you can reach out to a larger target audience.
  • communicate with target audiences via  comments on post
  • great way of creating good brand awareness
  •  connect with and target a more specific target audience.
  • Help with online listing (SEO)

6 When planning to advertise using Social Networking sites, briefly explain why it is important to identify the outcomes. (1 mark)

When you are planning to advertise via social media, its important to know and be able to identify what you want to get out of it, so that you can measure your success and better understand how to be successful in future ads.

7 Explain five reasons for using promotional campaigns on social networking sites. (5 marks)

  • To promote a new product range to different audiences.
  • Promotional campaigns encourage customers to engage and leave feedback on product ranges. for example, “I love these!”
  • Paid advertising is cheap meaning that its a cost effective way to distribute ads to the target audience.
  • Distribution is both simple and quick, as it only takes around 5 minutes to create a ad post, which could potentially go out to thousands.
  •  Posting to social media, you can have posts that are specifically to encourage people to like and follow your page, which will keep them updated on future ads.

8 a) Explain three limitations that may be imposed by social networking sites on promotional campaigns. (3 marks)

  • when uploading images to social media platforms the quality of the image can be decreased.
  • There will be a limited amount of content that can be added per post which could make it harder to get a message across.
  •  Ads that get a negative response can be shared easily meaning that the reputation of the company could be affected dramatically.

8 b) Explain how to comply with restrictions on promotional campaigns on social networking sites.(1 mark)

social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook may have restrictions on promotional campaigns. For example, Instagram restricts the amount of likes and followers you can get in a certain period of time.You also need to be certain that the content being uploaded to the social networking site complies with any applicable laws, rules and regulations.

9 With reference to Public Relations (PR), explain two factors which could have a negative impact when running a promotional campaign. (2 marks)

  • grammar mistakes or any unclear content could have a negative effect on public relations.
  • If confidential data or information gets leaked onto social media then it can be easily shared and saved which depending on the information could have a negative affect on Relations.

10 For each of the following, give two examples of national or international guidelines that should be followed for social networking site advertising or promotional campaigns. (10 marks)

Marketing to minors

  • Minors should not receive any content through promotional campaigns  or advertisements that contains anything harmful or inappropriate.
  • Minors should not be encouraged by ads to engage in any dangerous behaviour or hazardous situations.


  • Advertisements that promote alcohol must not be aimed at anyone under that age of 18.
  • The content  must not be made appealing to young people if it contains any links to alcohol .


  • Content that contains any images or shapes/symbols that could offend a belief should not be used.


  • content should not  be offensive in terms of sensitive grounds such as race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or disability.
  • Nudity is an example of what could cause offence within ads. However, an advertisement containing nudity are acceptable and the public are more tolerant if its relevant to the product.


  • Advertisements must respect human dignity.
  • Advertisements must not be, nor encourage harmful discriminatory behaviour.

11 Give two reasons why it is important to follow current national and international legal and organisational guidelines for a social networking advertising/ promotional campaign. (2 marks)

  • Ads could get taken down if legal guidelines are not followed, therefore losing possible sales and other costs.
  • Company’s could be charged and gain a negative reputation.

12 Give three advantages of creating more than one advertising campaign to run in parallel on the same social networking site. (3 marks)

  • Having multiple advertising campaigns means that more people are more likely to see one or more of your ads. This will help create better brand awareness.
  • You are also able to target specific audiences using multiple campaigns. For example, you could have one campaign for current customers and one for potential customers.
  • With different campaigns you could have different goals that you want to achieve within each campaign. For example, one campaign could be aimed at selling a specific product range out where as another could be to make people aware of a new range.

13 Give three reasons why Social Networking advertising campaigns might fail. (3 marks)

  • if national or international guidelines are not followed then the campaign could be taken off the social media platform.
  • If the content within a promotional campaign gets a negative response  then the companies reputation could be affected.
  • incorrect information could lead to   confusion and the company getting fined.

14 Explain two methods that could be used to monitor Social Networking site advertising campaigns. (2 marks)

  • You could use social networking tools such as Bitly  which has diagrams and graphs of your social stats to monitor your campaigns.
  • surveys, reviews, and questionnaires could be used to get customer feedback on your products/services. Based on the results you can monitor the success of the campaign.

(Total 50 marks)

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