Unit 306 Content For Web Task C

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Dave’s Delicatessen

Dave owns a delicatessen and over time has become particularly known, and stands out in his industry for his wide range of Italian extra virgin olive oils. Dave will be introducing a range of organic teas and coffees which he hopes will help him achieve his goal of becoming the go to person for organic teas and coffees. His delicatessen also includes a cafe attached, which is handy if you fancy a quick sit down in your lunch break, or if you want to you can pop in on your way to work as he opens early, which means early starters can kick start their day with one of Dave’s organic teas and coffees. He offers fresh sandwiches to take away which customers have said they enjoyed and are now regular customers for Dave. Reviews on Dave’s website have been very positive and he has a great reputation. For example, one customer wrote “I appreciate Dave’s delicatessen a lot, because it is somewhere I can go to in the morning on the way to my work, and as my work starts early finding somewhere to go and sit down for a coffee would be difficult without Dave’s Delicatessen”. With Dave’s business growing he wants to connect with his existing customers and future customers via social media, and he believes that this will be a great way for him to both engage with his customers and will help promote his new/existing range of products.

Dave also has an offer open for a limited time only where he offers a fresh sandwich to take away when they buy a coffee as part of his promotion. If you want to find out more information on the offer or future offers you can add Dave on social media and on his website at Davesdeli.com.

Words and phrases that could be used as tags within my blog post would be words/phrases such as the following:

  • organic
  • Italian extra virgin olive oils
  • Coffee and tea
  • Delicatessen

Content can be enhanced by using media or rich-media by:

  • using images to make the content more appealing and stand out more is a very effective way of enhancing content as it can help to promote a business.
  • Adding video could be used to show footage of inside the cafe and show new product ranges which is effective as it back’s up the content.


The screenshot below shows 4 websites I have bookmarked using the Social bookmarking tool digg. I have chosen 4 relevant links to Dave’s business.



Here is a screenshot of 4 relevant websites within a RSS reader. The reader I have used is the digg reader.




I have done a status update on my Facebook profile to notify people that there is a new post on my website.













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