Unit 306 Content For Web Task B

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My Online Profiles

SEO online profile:

I created a Facebook profile as my first online profile which is optimised for SEO. The profile includes a profile picture and a web banner with an about section.

The first way that I have optimised this profile for SEO is added tags and a description to the profile picture and cover image. This means that the picture can be found easier by search engines if the user searches for anything with the tags in, which will therefore make my whole profile easier to find.


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I have also created an about page where I have some details about me, for example work and education (as you can see in the overview on the first screenshot of this post) as well as a page as bio about myself.

I have also posted a status update to my Facebook profile:

I have also given the image a suitable file name to help optimise the images for search engine optimisation:


Click here to view my Facebook profile

My second online profile is a twitter profile. I have added a profile picture and background image. There is also a short Bio which I have added some key words to make it better optimised for SEO.

I have also added a status update to my twitter feed:



Click here to view my Twitter profile

Existing Business profile

The business profile that I have chosen is genesis team-wear Facebook profile.In the screenshot below you can see the way that the company have represented themselves on social media via facebook.


  • One improvement for this profile is for it to be more active. For example posting more often to make sure that the business is staying engaged with customers.
  • One other improvement would to optimise the profile better for Search Engine Optimisation. So for example images could include tags and a description which include key words and phrases.


Click here to view genesis Facebook profile


Existing Personal Profile

The existing personal profile that I have chosen is kit Haringtonn’s Instagram profile. In the screenshot below you can see how he appears on social media to his fans and friends.

  • One improvement that could be made for this profile would be to add more links to other social media profiles or websites. This will help promote his other profiles as well meaning that he will be reaching out to more people.
  • One other improvement would be to extend on the bio and include more key words to make sure that the profile is optimised as much as possible for Search Engine Optimisation.

Click here to view Kit Harington’s Instagram Profile

Follow Dylan.Farrell@genesisteamwear.com:

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