Unit 301 Social Media Within a Business Task A

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Jane Masters has owned a Boutique Hotel in Yaxley just outside Peterborough for the last five years. She has come to you for advice as she has heard about Social Media Marketing but is not sure how she should get involved. Jane knows she offers a great service to her customers. She has had fantastic testimonials noting the warm welcome and comfort of the hotel. She has a restaurant on site, with a young, inspiring chef, using local produce, including vegetables and herbs from their kitchen garden. She has recently planted a number of fruit trees / plants and is looking forward to providing local fresh fruit. Jane is very interested in ‘food miles’ and is keen to promote local suppliers. Recycling is a key throughout the hotel. Although bedrooms focus on luxury, shampoo and soap is available through dispensers rather than individual bottles to avoid waste. Guests are encouraged to reuse towels. Each bedroom requires a key card to use the electricity.

As well as her chef, Jane employs a hotel receptionist, waiters and two duty managers. She also employs cleaning staff – often from the nearby college. The hotel has 12 double en-suite rooms, each uniquely decorated and all aimed at comfort. She is considering changing the larger room to a family room. She is running about at about 20% room occupancy and needs to see this grow to 50% during the next 24 months. The restaurant can seat 30 at one sitting. They only have one sitting at the moment but would like to get more visitors from the surrounding area to the restaurant. Ideally, they would like to achieve national recognition for their 26 restaurant. They do offer lunch and this is popular amongst the local business community for networking meetings and business meetings.

The hotel has recently been upgraded to offer free Wi-Fi throughout the grounds.. There are currently two small rooms available for meetings – with a larger room that is used for small weddings or other evening / weekend functions. During the day, local businesses use the room for meetings / seminars. Jane would like to have more businesses using the facilities for small 1:1 meetings. Jane thinks that her hotel offers ‘a place to take time out’ and feels that customer service is king. Her staff know that the customer is always right and no request is too big. She wants the hotel to become the hotel of choice in the area to provide a great experience from the minute the customer walks in the door. Currently the hotel advertises in the local press and free papers. Leaflets are available at the tourist office. Her website shows images of the bedrooms, restaurant and grounds. She has registered on some review sites with mixed success. She doesn’t feel she is using them properly and is worried about making a mistake. Most of her customers come as a result of referrals and recommendations. Her hotel customers range from weddings, people visiting the area and local people just wanting a few days away.


Task A Short Answer Questions


Based on your chosen business, answer the following question

1 Describe the type, vision, two aims, two objectives and two goals of the business.   (8 marks) 

Jane Masters owns a Boutique hotel in Yaxley, her hotel has had fantastic reviews and she now wishes to make the hotel and it’s services more busy/popular. She would now like to get involved in social media marketing.

She is aiming to increase occupancy of her hotel from 20% – 50% within the next 24 months, her attention to detail, decoration and customer service will help her reach this goal by targeting people visiting the area, wedding guests and local people who want a short break. She would also like to make her restaurant busier, she has planted a number of trees and plants which she is looking to add the produce of local fresh fruit to her restaurant menu which already includes local produce, including vegetables and herbs. In achieving a busier ‘local produce’ restaurant she is hoping to gain national recognition.


2 Describe two brand statements and two value statements of the business     (4 marks)

Jane’s business is a green business and she encourages recycling around the hotel. She also likes to and encourages using local produce for her restaurant.  She also employees her cleaning staff from the local college the majority of the time. She also wants to make sure all of her gets great customer service, and all staff know that the customer is always right and that there is never a request that is to big for them to grant.  She also has a lot of offline advertising so she can reach out to more people.


3 a) Identify four audience groups of the business.    (4 marks)

  • The local business community
  • Families
  • People who want to get married
  • Tourists

3 b) Describe how the audience groups identified in question 3 a) are made aware of the brand and values.    (4 marks)

  • Through the press and free newspapers.
  • Leaflets that are available in the tourist office.
  • She has a website that showcases her hotel with images of the bedrooms, restaurant and grounds.
  • She is registered on some review sites, however most of her customers come from referrals and recommendations.

4 Identify how influences can be made aware of the brand and values.    (1 mark)

Jane could promote her local produce usage in her restaurant and the fact she encourages recycling within any advertisements she creates for local advertising i.e Radio and local newspaper. She could also have a sign outside her restaurant and on her menu’s highlighting the use of local produce.

5 Explain, with examples, three ways the business could use Social Media as part of their marketing plan.  (3 marks)

  • Social Media could be used within her business to reach out to a much larger audience, and help to inform and make more people aware of her business no matter where they are. So, for example, she could use social media to reach out to tourists that might not live close to her hotel, who wouldn’t have read the local newspaper, and therefore not know about her hotel.
  • She could also use social media to get some feedback from her customers. For example, customers can leave comments and ratings on posts and pages, on social media platforms such as Facebook Twitter. She could then use the feedback to improve her business.
  • She can use Social media as a quick and easy way to update and inform people of any changes to her hotel, for example new decorated bedrooms, restaurant changes, and other changes, by simply uploading an image of the change. The image will then be displayed on their social media for her customers to see.

6 a) Suggest the main four Social Media tools/channels that can be used in the business.  (4 marks)

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat

6 b) Evaluate the four Social Media tools/channels chosen in question 6 a).    (4 marks)

  • Facebook is a very good social media tool for promoting a business, as when you have a normal Facebook account you are able to set up a business page which will have a customizable layout and other options. Facebook pages also allow customers to leave comments and ratings which will reflect on your overall rating. Facebook is also very interactive which means she will be able to get feedback from her customers. Promotional videos can also be uploaded to Facebook.
  • Twitter is also a useful tool to use for social media marketing as like Facebook its very interactive, and you are able to re-tweet tweets from other people, and other people can re-tweet your tweets. This is very useful as you could contact other business and get them to share your tweets on their page, therefore reaching out to a larger audience.
  • Instagram is all about illustration and images. In this scenario Instagram could be used to showcase images of the hotels facilities such as bedrooms, The restaurant, Bar, and more, through an Instagram account.
  • YouTube can be used to upload promotional or appropriate related videos for a business. For example, in this scenario videos of what the hotel looks like inside and out can be uploaded to showcase it to the public.
  • Snapchat can be used to promote a business through Snapchat Stories, where a user can post content. There is also a feature where you can post content that can be viewed by public.

7 Briefly describe what success will look like when using each of the chosen Social Media tools/channels in question 6 a) for a business.    (4 marks)

  • When using Facebook for business you can measure success in terms of follow count and how highly a business is rated. For example, if a business had a large number of followers and was also highly rated you would know that they must be successful.
  • If a large amount of people or users are re-tweeting a company’s twitter posts then it means that their content is reaching out to more people so it’s to safe to say that a company with a mass number of re-tweets then the business is most likely doing well.
  • You can measure your success on Instagram based on followers, likes and views of any posts you upload, and also the feedback that you get on your posts.
  • YouTube success is measured based on subscribers, views, likes, and comments.
  • Snapchat can also be measured based on comments and views.

8 Describe three methods the business can use to measure success of the Social Media tools/ channels.    (3 marks)

  • A site called Bitly can be used to measure a business’s social media and tell you how many people have viewed your Pages and also what pages.  Bitly is a great method to improve marketing efforts.
  • You can also measure success in terms of feedback from customers, and if the majority of your feedback is positive or not.
  • Facts and figures such as likes and followers are a good way of measuring your success.

9 Explain, with three reasons, why the business should have a Social Media Policy and Guidelines.    (3 marks)

  • So that users know the kind of content that is appropriate to post and what content is prohibited.
  • So that everything stays legal in the eyes of the law.
  • To make sure that all advertising is authorised and not spam.

10 Explain, with one reason, why the business should have a Reputation Management Policy.    (1 mark)

It is very important to have a Reputation Management Policy in place so that employees know the importance of having a good online reputation. The reviews that customers might post to your website will spread to other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and if the reviews are bad, then it will push buyers away, which is why it is important to manage your online reputation well, and for all employees to be aware of all the statements and points in the Reputation Management Policy.

(Total 43 marks)


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