Unit 301 Social Media Within a Business Task B

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Task B Report

After completion of Task A, choose a competitor that is using Social Media. Obtain approval from the
assessor before continuing.

Over a one week period (five days required, preferably consecutive but not mandatory), monitor the
chosen competitor’s use of Social Media.

Produce a report, based on your monitoring of the chosen competitor’s use of Social Media.
This should include

1) a brief explanation with four reasons why it is important to monitor the

When it comes to promoting a company or business social media is a very useful tool. Social media can be used to reach out to a wider audience as the majority of people have access to social media which makes the chances of them seeing an advertisement or promotion for a company a lot more likely. When using social media as a tool for promotion it is a good idea to monitor other competitor’s social media.

Here are 4 reasons why it is important to monitor a competitor’s use of social media:

  • To get an idea of what kind of content competitors are posting
  • Gain an understanding of what content is most popular
  • To see how often competitors, post to their social media
  • How do they connect with the public?

2) competitor’s use of Social Media  (4 marks)

As an example I looked into a competitor called Pro Direct Soccer who do football kits and football related products. I decided to take a look at their social media to see the kind things they were posting and how often they posted. Although they use Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest all can be accessed through their facebook page. I found out the following:


Social media is a very useful way of advertising as it reaches out to the majority of people and not just people who visit the website.  Pro Direct Soccer have a Facebook page that they post to regularly. They post things such as new Products and ranges that are coming soon or already on the website. They use a range of videos and images which are very professional looking, which makes the ens user feel like they will look the part or like a professional if they buy from Pro Direct. They also have their trust pilot reviews available for customers to see on their facebook page. There is also a tab which highlights all the current offers they are promoting and links to other social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest, which loads the content within Facebook rather than having to leave the site.


3) one observation about the competitor’s website (1 mark)

When entering the Pro Direct soccer site, the box below pops up asking for your feedback. In this case the viewer is being asked how likely they are to recommend their website to a friend on a scale of 1 to 10.



4) review of their use of social icons on their website (1 mark)

The website has social icons which allow the viewer to share a product when in it, and there are also social icons in the footer where you can click and be taken to the company’s social media pages.







5) review of their use of each social tool used (1 mark)

They use their social media effectively, their use of professional images and videos are eye catching and memorable to the end user.

6) review of conversations for each tool (1 mark)

They have a community tab on their Facebook page which would suggest discussions from customers and the brand however this section is completely empty. From the comments I have seen on posts they do not respond to any of them, even including ones requesting information about returns/complaints etc.  E.G



7) three suggested improvements to their use of Social Media. (3 marks)

One way that they could improve is by changing the type of content they post more and try to keep the audience in mind when posting content. For example they could create content that interests people and less promotional so that they are grabbing the audiences attention.

The should engage with their audience more and answer more comments and questions, especially customer services related queries.

Promote more of their positive trust pilot reviews to encourage customers to buy from them.

(Total 11 marks)

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